Depressed with Alcohol Addiction? Time to Re-live Better!

We all make mistakes time to time and that is a part of human life which is inevitable. While some people accept the consequences positively and try to fix the flaws, there are some who are dragged into a state of guilt. This guilt either leads them into a state of self-destruction or extreme depression. In such a depressive state, people often become a victim of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol though might taste great but when consumed regularly, makes a person weaker both mentally and physically. It does no good to fight the guilt a person may have rather, aggravates his condition. However, one should not feel helpless or hopeless if he or she realizes that alcohol addiction can not change their problem or situation.

So, do not be depressed or dependent on temporary stress busters. Have confidence in yourself and find the natural way to transform your weaknesses into strengths.

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Some Scary Facts about Drug Usage in England and Wales

According to Guardian Survey for Drug usage in 2011/2012, some facts has been revealed which is listed below:

  •     According to latest statistics approx 12M people have tried an illegal drug in their lifetime.
  •     2011/12 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) has found with the percentage rising slightly from 36.3% in 2010/11 to 36.5% in 2011/12.
  •     Cannabis is the most popular drug with 2.3M users taking it in the past year.
  •     Survey revealed that 16 or 18 is the most common age for first taking either powder cocaine, ecstasy or cannabis.

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Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As A Disease, Not A Crime

Sigrid Rausing (born 1962) is a Swedish philanthropist, anthropologist and publisher. She is the founder of the Sigrid Rausing Trust, one of the United Kingdom’s largest philanthropic foundations,[1] and owner of Granta magazine and Granta Books.

She said,”My brother, Hans Rausing, entered a world of addiction where no one in the end could follow him. Through my brother’s struggles, I saw the reality of drugs policy. Addicts need care, not prison.”

Rausing also argued that her experiences with the couple’s addiction has led her to believe that addiction is a mental illness, and that drug addiction should be treated as a disease, not a crime.


Paul John Gascoigne – International Footballer and Alcohol Addiction

Paul John Gascoigne, nicknamed Gazza, is a former England international footballer and Newcastle player said on ITV’s Daybreak that he begged with doctors not to let him die when he was rushed to hospital for the treatment of alcohol addiction in the US because he needed to water his plants.

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Must Watch Video: How the alcohol ruin the personal and social life?

Alcohol addiction kills feeling and make the social life hell. It’s not only destroy the physical part but also the emotional part of the body.

What are the symptoms of cocaine abuse?

There are physical, emotional, and social side effects associated with cocaine abuse. If you want to find out whether your child or someone close is getting addicted to this deadly drug, you must watch out for the following symptoms of cocaine abuse and addiction.

Addiction Abuse

The short term effects of cocaine abuse are deep breathing, red blood shot eyes, dilated pupils, convulsions, and hyperactive behaviour. Long term effects include nosebleeds, runny nose, loss of appetite, weight loss, and increased vulnerability to cold, flu, and illness and diseases as cocaine abuse weakens the body’s immune system.

You must also take a note of the behavioural changes in the person whom you think is abusing cocaine. It is found that addicts usually lose interest in normal activities like going to school or college or office. They withdraw themselves from everything and prefer to spend time alone. Irritability, depression, agitation, excessive sleeping are commonly witness behaviour in cocaine abusers. In some cases, the addicts start stealing money from their own homes and indulge in wrong activities like robbery and theft to get money for buying cocaine.

If you recognise any of these physical or psychological symptoms ore behavioural changes in the person you may be concerned about, it is advisable to approach a good drug rehab centre as quickly as possible. Timely intervention and support by drug rehab centre would help your loved one overcome this dangerous addiction.

Tips For Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

If you are getting addicted to alcohol and you just can’t do without it, follow the steps given below to gradually reduce your urge for drinking and then completely give up this deadly habit.

  • You must not try going to bars, pubs, or parties if you are addicted to alcohol. For socialising, choose other places like cafes or pizza outlets. Should you drink something, order a soft drink or a glass of fresh juice as they are healthy for you?
  • Get into exercising. Exercising produces natural hormones in the body that make you feel happier and better about your own self. If you can not follow the strict routine of gym, go for walk, cycling, swimming, or jogging.
  • A lot of people pick up the habit of drinking to kill boredom. If that’s the case with you, explore a better hobby. Play tennis, golf, or do painting or anything that you want to keep yourself busy.
  • Join yoga classes or meditation classes. Yoga and meditation are found to be quite effective in overcoming alcohol abuse. You would learn to control your thoughts and strengthen your will power in giving up drinking.
  • Take help from a rehabilitation center if the above mentioned steps do not work. A drug rehab centre has a team of professionals who would offer you support and advice on overcoming alcohol abuse and drug abuse.

Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Addiction AbuseCocaine is a deadly drug that is found to have negative effects on the physical health of the abuser. The effects of cocaine are noticed on brain, heart, throat, lungs, and on other vital body organs.

Cocaine abuse gives pleasure to the abuser. One feels excitement, euphoria, and heightened energy level after taking this drug. But there are many side effects associated with cocaine consumption, such as anxiety, nausea, headache, dizziness, and confused state of mind. It is also found that those intake this drug experience fatigue, hyper-somnia, hallucinations, and depression. Loss of consciousness is another serious side effect associated with cocaine abuse.

Then those who abuse cocaine face respiratory problems and issues too. This is because cocaine is mostly inhaled. Irritation in the nasal passage and throat, nosebleeds, and sinusitis are the common problems that cocaine abuser face.

Cocaine abuse gives rise to serious breathing disorders. Residues of cocaine are left behind in the lungs-resulting in chronic cough and bronchitis. Shortness of breath and pain in chest are some other problems that cocaine abusers complaint of. In extreme cases, when cocaine enters the lungs it causes pulmonary edema and results in death of the drug addict.

Studies have revealed that cocaine abuse affects the cardiovascular system as well. Cocaine narrows down the arteries, reducing blood flow to the heart and increasing the risk of stroke and heart failure. Abnormal heart rhythms, hardening of the coronary arteries, and cardiomyopathy are some other heart health issues that are linked to cocaine abuse.

As well as affecting these major organs of the body, the effects of cocaine abuse are seen on the skin too. If taken through injections, cocaine causes ulcers and open sores and serious skin infections like cellulitis. Cocaine is harmful for liver, kidneys, and eyes too. The side effects become worse due to continued abuse of cocaine.

If you or someone you love is addicted to abuse, please seek help from a good rehab centre to overcome this deadly addiction. With the help and support from rehab centre, overcoming drug addiction becomes easy and possible.

Why Should You Seek Treatment For Alcoholism?

If you are someone who is addicted to alcohol or you have a loved one is addicted to alcohol, you must seek treatment for overcoming it. Alcohol abuse is a disease that is chronic in nature and is usually progressive. The person who gets addicted to it gets obsessed with drinking so much so that he forgets everything, including his family and his duties towards them.

Alcohol addict faces severe health issues. Lung disorders, kidney failure, and coronary heart disease are some of the common health problems that are found to be related with alcoholism. The effects of alcoholism are also seen on the mental and inter-personal relationships of the addict. Those who fall under the trap of alcohol abuse face financial hardships too. They lose interest in their work/job and go to any extent to fund their addiction. In most cases, the addicts resort to wrong methods to get money to buy alcohol and to satisfy their urge for drinking.

Thus, seeking appropriate and timely treatment for overcoming alcohol addiction is therefore necessary. Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options to overcome this deadly addiction and to get back to normal lifestyle. There are drug detox centres and drug rehab centres to motivate addicts, help them deal with the withdrawal symptoms, and quit drinking successfully.

Getting Rid of Drug Addiction

Numerous people are engaged in using and abusing illegal drugs, and their number is significantly increasing day by day. Most of the drug users are  teenagers. If you come across a friend, or maybe a loved one that is using prohibited drugs, it is critical that you must prevent them immediately, to avoid them from drug addiction.

In case your friend or relative has already become a drug addict, you can still protect them by finding the help of professional addiction treatment centres that can treat them effectively. The most efficient drug treatment is to bring the drug user to a rehabilitation facility that is capable of providing a treatment and recovery of the user from drugs, and promising a new, improved and healthy lifestyle.

Before you choose a rehabilitation center, you have to make sure that it offers good quality and affordable rehabilitation services. You can browse through various websites that offer information on different treatment services. At a substance abuse treatment centre, you will be provided effective and superior quality services. It is essential that you must practice early treatment in substance abuse, so that it is easier for the illegal drug user to manage and recover from this horrific experience.