Social Implications of Drug Addiction

According to UNDCP study for the World Summit for Social Development, Social Implications of Drug Addiction come into various ways like:

  1. Family and community: Rapid social, economic and technological change may, under certain circumstances, weaken the sense of family and  reduce the sense of belonging to other people, groups and places. Stability of relationships, environment and  expectations is a powerful force in helping people manage their lives, especially important for children and young adults.
  2. Health: Substances commonly associated with drug abuse-related deaths are cocaine, heroin (and other opiates), barbiturates and amphetamines (and amphetamine derivatives). The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes the clinical disease acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).The devastating effects of AIDS are seen most clearly in the developing world.
  3. Education: Education is the principal means of preventing drug abuse. Drugs may cause the growing girl or boy to become apathetic and emotionally detached and, consequently, to face problems of establishing social bonds, with the result that the youth becomes increasingly isolated emotionally and socially.
  4. Crime: Researchers have found a close connection between drug abuse, criminal behaviour and social attitudes. Review of the crime/drugs literature supports three notions: heroin addicts are usually deeply involved in crime; daily opiate use increases criminality several fold; and many heroin abusers are not interested in obtaining treatment although drug treatment programmes do reduce the criminality of addicts while they are in treatment.
  5. Work and employment:Increased rates of unemployment are projected to occur in the same age group as those persons most likely to use drugs and have drug problems.

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