What are the symptoms of cocaine abuse?

There are physical, emotional, and social side effects associated with cocaine abuse. If you want to find out whether your child or someone close is getting addicted to this deadly drug, you must watch out for the following symptoms of cocaine abuse and addiction.

Addiction Abuse

The short term effects of cocaine abuse are deep breathing, red blood shot eyes, dilated pupils, convulsions, and hyperactive behaviour. Long term effects include nosebleeds, runny nose, loss of appetite, weight loss, and increased vulnerability to cold, flu, and illness and diseases as cocaine abuse weakens the body’s immune system.

You must also take a note of the behavioural changes in the person whom you think is abusing cocaine. It is found that addicts usually lose interest in normal activities like going to school or college or office. They withdraw themselves from everything and prefer to spend time alone. Irritability, depression, agitation, excessive sleeping are commonly witness behaviour in cocaine abusers. In some cases, the addicts start stealing money from their own homes and indulge in wrong activities like robbery and theft to get money for buying cocaine.

If you recognise any of these physical or psychological symptoms ore behavioural changes in the person you may be concerned about, it is advisable to approach a good drug rehab centre as quickly as possible. Timely intervention and support by drug rehab centre would help your loved one overcome this dangerous addiction.

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