Symptoms Demanding Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

We can’t identify whether someone is in the grip of addiction or not until we came across some symptoms. Every disease is identified on the basis of some symptoms and signs. Once a sign or symptom occurs, we come to know what is wrong. The most commonly abused stimulant or recreational drug called “cocaine” owns powerful psychological addictive properties that put its negative effects on the mind and body of an addict. Paranoia, depression, exhaustion, anxiety, itching, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, nausea and vomiting are some of the common symptoms through which one can understand the severity and deadliness of the addiction. All these signs show the heavy dependence of an addict on cocaine that also reflects in his/her physical as well as mental behaviour.

It is nothing but the cocaine withdrawal syndrome that directly points to the immediate need to addiction advice and treatment. Timely diagnosis and treatment of cocaine addiction depends on the occurrence of symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms, therapy and medication are the three basic points that open ways for the effective and result-oriented cocaine treatment programme. A 12-step programme, CBT therapy, MT therapy and medications such as Acetylcysteine, Baclofen, Bupropion, Vanoxerine and Vigabatrin make a difference to the cocaine addiction treatment.

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