Addiction: Meaning and Types

Generally, it is considered that the regular and incessant consumption of prescribed or illegal drugs passes through three different stages. These stages include use, abuse and addiction. The term “use” indicates the needs and necessity to overcome physical and mental situations whereas the term “addiction” indicates to slavery accepted by addicts to their dependence. When a comparison is made among the three stages, addiction proved more fatal and life-threatening as it belongs to the worst physical as well as mental conditions. Addiction is a compulsive physiological and psychological need of an addict that compels him/her to consume the psychoactive substances repeatedly and continuously to get rid of repetitive intention for substances.

Apart from addicts’ dependence on substances, there are also other pleasurable activities that also compel people to go into the evil grip of addiction. These activities consist of gambling, computer games, exercise, surfing the Internet and or sex. Addiction indicates to the state of psychological dependence that can be seen in alcohol abuse, drug abuse, exercise abuse, pornography and gambling. It is nothing but the substance dependence that opens ways for the diagnosis of addicts’ dependence on heroin, cocaine, alcohol, opioid, cannabis, amphetamine and nicotine. Signs of withdrawal symptoms detected in an addict show the timely need of immediate advice and treatment options for all sorts of addictions.

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