Addiction: A Curable Disease

Regular and incessant dependence on psychoactive substances gives birth to addiction and takes an addict in its evil clutch that forces him/her to pass through a phase of mental disorder. As a specific disease makes a human body weak and powerless, in the same manner an addictive disease not only envelops human body but also human mind rapidly.

Addictive diseases encompasses of excessive consumption of alcohol, heroin, drug and other psychoactive substances. Indulging in chemical dependency, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), gambling, sexual compulsivity, shopping, spending, work and internet indicates that a particular person is in the grip of addiction to something. If taken seriously and cured at reputed and well known rehab centres after facing withdrawal symptoms or sudden discontinuance of substances, addiction can be cured and managed.

In the process of making a human body free from the presence of toxic elements and harmful chemical, medical detox programme comes first as it relates to different sorts of therapies and programmes that are designed to diagnose patients with substance dependence. It is nothing but the perfect amalgamation of different types of therapies such as group therapy and one-to-one therapy and educational seminars and addiction counseling that points to convalescence. When compared to other present therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) emerges as the best option for the treatment of addiction if it is mixed with motivational therapy (MT) appropriately. Treating patients with medications such as Acetylcysteine, Baclofen, Bupropion, Vanoxerine, and Vigabatrin brings more relief to the patients that always look for a better and improved way to put an end to their ongoing woes amicably.

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