Making Your Basics Clear about Cocaine Treatment

Irrespective of whether a cocaine addict is using powdered form of cocaine or crack, which is comparatively less expensive form, there is always the need of cocaine treatment. Why? Crack and powder cocaine lead to addiction. Since crack is easily available and it is an inexpensive drug, more drug users are using it than opting for pure powdered cocaine. The means of treating cocaine or crack addict for that matter is obviously the same. It is very important that you look for the right addiction treatment centers where the treatment is provided for the cocaine de- addiction.

Cocaine treatment begins with the first step, which is obviously detoxification. Cocaine detox is undertaken in a controlled set of environment like a hospital or detox clinic. There are terrible withdrawal symptoms which the drug addict goes through during the entire process of detoxification. A drug addict will suffer from cramps, cravings, irritability, insomnia and loss of appetite. During the course of cocaine detox, the addict may be put on propranolol for the purpose of easing the withdrawal symptoms. Different detox and addiction treatment centers follow different paths of treatment for detoxification process. It is also checked during the detox process whether the addict is responding to treatments or not.

After the detox treatment for cocaine addiction is over, the drug addict has to go to next step which is rehabilitation. Here, the addict is put through several psychological and social tests and this will help him/her to play responsible role in the society.

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