How To Prevent Your Kid From Drug Addiction?

Drug abuse is dangerous. It is know to have adverse effects on the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and professional life of the addicts. If you have a kid you must try your best to prevent them from drug addiction.

Kids usually start taking drugs when they see their friends or elders doing the same. If someone in your family or your friend’s peer group is addicted to drugs, do not let your child interact with them.

Kids get addicted to drugs when they are facing some psychological problems. Stress to do good in academics, to stay ahead of their class mates or to meet the expectations of parents make them worried. To deal with their stress and depression, a lot of kids resort to drug abuse. Talk to your kid and make him feel relaxed and easy. It would help him/her stay away from getting used to drugs.

Check for any symptoms of drug abuse in your child. Red eyes, puffy face, nausea, change in diet, sleeplessness, tremours, lack of proper physical co-ordination are some of the side effects of drug abuse. If you notice any of these signs, you must talk to your child about it.

Do not try to hide your child’s habit from other family members. Likewise, if your child gets into any conflict or accident due to drinking or cocaine abuse, do not protect him. It can boost his confidence and he may keep on doing such things. Let them realise that drug addiction is bad and can put them in difficult situations.

Do not punish your child. Instead talk to him and explain him that he is ruining his life due to drug abuse. You may take him to a counsellor or to a drug rehab center to help him overcome drug addiction. It is very important to act in a timely manner. The sooner you intervene, the better it would be for your child and yourself.


Some Suggestions To Help You Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug addiction prevents a person from living life to the fullest. It deters one from pursuing one’s dreams and aspirations and clouds one’s reasoning and judgement abilities. As well as affecting their own life, drug addicts cause a lot of trouble to their friends and family too.

If you have landed yourself in the deadly trap of drug addiction, you must do all that you can to come out of it. The sooner you are able to overcome the addiction the better it would be for you and your loved ones who are concerned about your health and well being.

Do not shy away from admitting the fact that you are addicted to a drug. Admitting that there is a problem and that it is affecting your personal, physical, social and professional life is the first step in overcoming any addiction. If you are OK with your drug addiction and you feel that it’s not causing any problem to anyone, then you would never make efforts to overcome it.

Talk with your friends and family and release your pent up thought and emotions. The journey to overcoming drug addiction is a tough one and you would need love, support and care of your friends and family to go through the ups and downs that you would experience during this phase.

Take advice from a qualified counsellor or therapist as to how you can overcome drug addiction. You may also look for a good drug rehab center as they adopt the best means to help patients overcome substance abuse easily and quickly.

Overcoming drug addiction is going to be difficult. But once you are successful in your endeavours, you can live a fulfilling and happy life.

Cocaine Addiction Cure: Zapping the Brain with Magnets

Zapping the brain with magnets could cure cocaine addiction in various ways:

  •     Changing certain neurons in the brain using magnetic stimulation can wipe away addiction
  •     Treatment targets the prefrontal cortex – which controls impulses and decision making
  •     Could be tested immediately in humans

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5 Effective Tips To Help You Overcome Your Drinking Habit

Quitting drinking completely is not that easy but it definitely possible to do so.

Here are 5 tips to help you overcome your drinking habit successfully:

1.    If you drink every day, decide upon one non-drinking day in a week. Try not to drink on that particular day. Once you are able to succeed in this, you can add on more days in your weekly plan as non-alcohol days. If you have been drinking for long, you can’t cut back all of a sudden as it may cause alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is safe to give up drinking slowly and gradually.

2.    Make a list of pros and cons of drinking. Do not feel shy to admit if drinking offers you any benefits. At the same time, be honest and put down all the negative sides of drinking. Write down everything including arguments with spouse, tension at your home, impact of your drinking habit on your kids and family, your financial problems etc. Compare the pros and cons every day. It would help you in taking a firm decision to overcome your drinking habit.

3.    Think about things that you can do to have fun when you are not drinking. Swimming, playing your favourite sport, watching movies, going for a drive, and meeting friends and family are some of the many things that can keep you busy and entertained when you feel the urge to drink.

4.    Stay positive and don’t lose hope. You may not be able to give up drinking so easily. But if you stay positive and have complete faith in yourself you would surely be able to quit drinking.

5.    Take help of a good rehab center. You would get all the support and help that is required for overcoming alcoholism.

Celebrity Rehab Success Stories

Whether I or anyone else accepted the concept of alcoholism as a disease didn’t matter; what mattered was that when treated as a disease, those who suffered from it were most likely to recover.
― Craig Ferguson, American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot

Social Implications of Drug Addiction

According to UNDCP study for the World Summit for Social Development, Social Implications of Drug Addiction come into various ways like:

  1. Family and community: Rapid social, economic and technological change may, under certain circumstances, weaken the sense of family and  reduce the sense of belonging to other people, groups and places. Stability of relationships, environment and  expectations is a powerful force in helping people manage their lives, especially important for children and young adults.
  2. Health: Substances commonly associated with drug abuse-related deaths are cocaine, heroin (and other opiates), barbiturates and amphetamines (and amphetamine derivatives). The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes the clinical disease acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).The devastating effects of AIDS are seen most clearly in the developing world.
  3. Education: Education is the principal means of preventing drug abuse. Drugs may cause the growing girl or boy to become apathetic and emotionally detached and, consequently, to face problems of establishing social bonds, with the result that the youth becomes increasingly isolated emotionally and socially.
  4. Crime: Researchers have found a close connection between drug abuse, criminal behaviour and social attitudes. Review of the crime/drugs literature supports three notions: heroin addicts are usually deeply involved in crime; daily opiate use increases criminality several fold; and many heroin abusers are not interested in obtaining treatment although drug treatment programmes do reduce the criminality of addicts while they are in treatment.
  5. Work and employment:Increased rates of unemployment are projected to occur in the same age group as those persons most likely to use drugs and have drug problems.

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What is Cocaine and Their Dangerous Effects

According to Medical Professional Cocaine is categorized as a stimulant drug which is also known as a recreational drug. Cocaine has a large number of other names such as coke, crack, flake, rock and freebase.

Cocaine is one of the most common misused drugs. Cocaine addiction can occur relatively quickly and this is very serious like other drug addiction. Cocaine is illegal and a class A drug. Cocaine can be injected, snorted and even smoked in some forms of the drug.

Top Rehab Centers Across UK By Addiction Advisor

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Must Read PDF: Use Of Alcohol And Illicit Drugs During Pregnancy

According to Addiction Advisor – Part of Triage Health Care, the use of alcohol and illicit drugs during pregnancy has been associated with increased mortality and morbidity for the mother, foetus and subsequent infant.

According to some experts little drinking during pregnancy is ok but here are others who believe that whatever you eat or drink while pregnant goes directly through your bloodstream into the placenta.

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Find Out How to Say No to Drugs and Alcohol

Instead of looking at life from a negative perspective, the alcohol addict must focus on amplifying his strengths. What all he or she might have lost is history but what is left with him is the future. With a positive outlook towards life, drug or alcohol addiction and every other problem leading to such addiction can be fixed forever.

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